What happened today?

November 19th
November 19, 2008, 9:21 pm
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We played “Place Value Bingo” today! This is a great way for students to see the different ways to represent a number. We are learning that their a 5 ways numbers can be written. The 5 are: place value form, base10 model form, standard form, word form, and expanded notation. This is a concept we will continue to work on! We learned about acid rain in science lab today. We tested several liquids with litmus paper to test for acidic conditions. We learned that acid rain can effect animals, plants and buildings. We also watched a movie called, Auntie Litter.  This movie had 3 parts that taught us about the difference between garbage and trash, what it means to reuse and recycle, what litter is and what is a landfill. Students did have to answer questions on all three parts. We also had music today and the students are working hard for their performance on December 2nd. We read another chapter of The Courage of Sarah Noble. We are now on chapter 9. We are still working on when we capitalize letters. We made a flip book with example of names, geographical names, titles, and beginning sentences. We also wrote in our NaNoWriMo books. Larissa’s parents wrote an awesome letter telling us how awesome she is, but…we already knew that!!

November 13th
November 13, 2008, 11:18 pm
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Today we continued with playing place value games. Students also had a question to answer about the game closest to 100. We did do our math practice today as well. In science we learned about why the sea turtles are in danger of becoming extinct. We came up with four reasons: loss of habitat, poachers, fishing nets and pollution. We also read two chapters from our historical fiction book The Courage of Sarah Noble.We are now on chapter 5. We wrote in our NaNoWriMo books and we are on a scavenger hunt to find out how authors use capital letters in their writing! We have the following list: Beginning of sentences, for a person’s name, all capital letters are used to show yelling, for a place and in titles. We will keep searching! We also learned how to play a new game with words. I will send a word version of “Go Fish” home on Monday.

November 12th
November 12, 2008, 6:35 pm
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Hello! I was out of the classroom today. Students were engaged in playing math games to build their sense of place value. In science lab we investigated the effects of plastic trash on the environment. We are also learning about veterans in social studies. We have started to  investigate historical fiction with the book The Courage of Sarah Noble.Students are also reading a mystery with their partner. We are working on our NaNoWriMo journal.