What happened today?

November 20th
November 20, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Today we played another version of Base 10 Bingo. Students had to use clues to figure out which number they could cover. We did not have a cursive paper today…we used Twizzlers instead! We read about acid rain in our science books and then we did this cool experiment to show how acid rain effects buildings and statues. Your child may bring home what is left of their statue. We looked up where the endangered species are in the world and created an ABC book of endangered species. Levi the Reading Dog was here today, so many students were able to read with him today. We read another chapter of The Courage of Sarah Noble. We only have 2 chapters left! Students have been completing a historical fiction journal as we have been  reading the book. We were able to play word games with Mrs. Swaisgood and write in our NaNoWriMo Journals as well.