What happened today?

October 6th
October 6, 2009, 8:34 pm
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   This morning we worked with money to find out how we can divide money into equal parts and combine money. We used our   paper money to help us. We watched our first Bill Nye the Science Guy movie on plants. We had questions to answer and we stopped the movie several times to go over the questions. We also continued to investigate the vegetation in Michigan and we compared it to the  average temperatures and precipitation amounts. We found that the orchards and forests grew in areas with lots of precipitation. We also found that the orchards grew in the warmer areas of Michigan.

This afternoon we worked on choosing words for next week’s spelling test and we did Twizzler Spelling. Students continued to research humor books. Today we found a book called Good Night Goon. We talked about parodies  and how this person used Good Night Moon to inspire this book for Halloween. We looked at the book  The Field Trip From the Black Lagoon and students looked for different punctuation and use of words. We  read another book by Davis Shannon. We read No Davidand found lots of commands. We noticed this author chooses different fonts. David Shannon talked through the whole book and never used a quotation mark, and we are still wondering why he does that. The class also noticed that DAVID Shannon wrote the book and it is about a boy named DAVID. We think he is writing about himself.

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