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October 5th
October 5, 2009, 8:23 pm
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       Now that the school year is underway I finally have time do write my daily blogs. We have spent a lot of time with assessment and getting routines established. Using Snapgrades is wonderful, but I had to get used to the amount of time it takes to set everything up!

       We started blogging today in computer lab. The students are using blogs instead of a reading response journal. I like this for two reasons. One, if the student is only writing to me the whole year, they only get my point of view. This way the students get to see what other students think. Lastly I love the fact that kids LIKE to blog. Even reluctant writers will blog because they think it is cool.

    We are also getting close to the end of our plant unit. Today I passed out the labs I have corrected over the past 5 weeks. We put them in our folder so we can use them for studying.

       We also looked into Michigan’s vegetation and found some interesting patterns. The largest orchards on in the Lower Peninsula on the western side of the state. That the state and national forests are all north of us, and the only commercial forestry is in the Upper Peninsula.

     We have been reading Mike Thaler and investigating how he uses punctuation and plays on words. He makes up words or changes one word to make things funny. We also looked into David Shannon today and noticed he uses a lot of one word sentences. We found some of these are really a sentence called a command and that others are not complete sentences. Our word sorts this week center around the short u and long u sounds.


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