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The Week of October 19th
October 26, 2009, 6:58 pm
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We spent this week working towards our virtual field trip to Flint. We are working with a second grade class in Flint to work on our measurement, collaboration, and writing skills. Each class built a monster. In our class we had 6 groups and each group built a part of the monster. Once we built the monster we had to write directions for the second graders in Flint to follow. We then were given directions for the second grade monster and we built it. As we were building the monster we started to think that maybe our directions were not as specific as we first thought! We also started to talk about our rainforest project we are doing with other 3rd graders across the county. We picked our jobs and we looked at our blog page we will be using. Students were also given their Wiki Account log-ins and passwords this week. We are starting our virtual zoo this week and students will need to use the Wiki pages to post information they have learned about during the research for the animal.

October 13th
October 13, 2009, 10:11 pm
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     We continued with our capacity measurement. Today we learned that liquids have two characteristics. One they can be poured and two they take the shape of the container you pour them into. We measured the capacity of 8 different containers using a graduated cylinder. We danced in gym! We went to library and we made a flip chart for the last three plant parts. Miss Alford passed out lab notes to help us with our plant study guides.

This afternoon we did the MEAP!

October 12th
October 13, 2009, 10:07 pm
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     We started measuring the capacity of different containers. We used a new measurement tool called a graduated cylinder. We also talked about the many tools we have to measure the capacity of items such as measuring cups, beakers, and cups. We learned that capacity is how much something can hold and when we are measuring liquids with the metric system we use liters. Standard measurement is a little tougher because we can use many things such as ounces, cups, quarts, pints and teaspoons just to name a few. We learned in science about farms and we made a salad  with the different plant parts we learned about. In social studies we talked about how humans have changed the environment in Michigan and how we have had to make adaptations to live here. In computer lab we blogged with each other about David Shannon and Mike Thaler.

In the afternoon we took our spelling test. We missed last Friday due to the pumpkin math! We also did shaving cream spelling. We read another David Shannon book and talked about how he uses family members as his inspiration.

Ocotber 9th
October 10, 2009, 1:08 am
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Today was a great day for pumpkins! We weighed , measured, compared and even gave them a bath. We were shocked they floated! We also used place value to count the seeds! We put our seeds into groups of ten and then every time we were able to get 100 we put them in a baggy! One person had over 700 seeds!!! We used shapes to carve our faces, too. We found out that the scale we used today was different from the scale we used yesterday! We used a scale to measure weight. We found out that 1,000 gams=1kilogram and that 2 pounds is about 1 kilogram. We also learned that we can uses ounces to measure weight or capacity. We ended the day by starting our “Seed Adventure” stories. We are using a story board like Mike Thaler to create our tale of how a seeds turns into a plant and then back to a seed. Thank you Mrs. Swaisgood and Mrs. Braur for helping today…they got really messy, too!

October 8th
October 9, 2009, 2:34 am
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   We learned the difference between mass and weight today. We used a balance scale for the first time and we worked with different gram weights. We learned that to get the balance scale to balance is pretty tricky sometimes. We played a game that was a virtual green house today. We were able to pick different amounts of water, different amounts of sunlight and different types of soil. We tried many different combinations out and found that too much water is not good for plants. We also learned that sand is probably not the best soil. We learned about Michigan’s state symbols. Did you know that two of our state symbols were chosen by students? Pretty cool!

     Today is Mike Thaler’s birthday! We read his autobiography and we made him birthday cards. In the cards we asked him  questions about his writing. We played word study games and we had Mrs. Wallberg come into our room and read us a great book! This book was about being a bully and how it feels to be bullied! We all learned a lot! We are still publishing comic books! We also picked out our pumpkins for our math and science day with pumpkins!

October 7th
October 7, 2009, 8:49 pm
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      Today we investigated calendars. We learned which months have 30 days, which months have 31 days and that February can have 28 or 29 days. We learned that plants have starch or stored food. Today we tested all the plant parts with iodine to find out how much starch each part has. We found that fruit, roots, and seeds all have starch. We learned that the smaller the seed the more starch it had. We decided that seeds probably need more starch for germination and the smaller the cotyledon, the more starch it would need. We compared our climate to the vegetation in Michigan. Today we had to write about what we learned about both Michigan’s vegetation and our climate.

     In the afternoon we played word study games and used our sand trays to write our words. We also added our spelling words to our Wiki pages. Some students still need to work on their Spelling Wiki Page tomorrow. We finished the Black Lagoon chapter book today. We worked on publishing our comic books and Black Lagoon books.

October 6th
October 6, 2009, 8:34 pm
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   This morning we worked with money to find out how we can divide money into equal parts and combine money. We used our   paper money to help us. We watched our first Bill Nye the Science Guy movie on plants. We had questions to answer and we stopped the movie several times to go over the questions. We also continued to investigate the vegetation in Michigan and we compared it to the  average temperatures and precipitation amounts. We found that the orchards and forests grew in areas with lots of precipitation. We also found that the orchards grew in the warmer areas of Michigan.

This afternoon we worked on choosing words for next week’s spelling test and we did Twizzler Spelling. Students continued to research humor books. Today we found a book called Good Night Goon. We talked about parodies  and how this person used Good Night Moon to inspire this book for Halloween. We looked at the book  The Field Trip From the Black Lagoon and students looked for different punctuation and use of words. We  read another book by Davis Shannon. We read No Davidand found lots of commands. We noticed this author chooses different fonts. David Shannon talked through the whole book and never used a quotation mark, and we are still wondering why he does that. The class also noticed that DAVID Shannon wrote the book and it is about a boy named DAVID. We think he is writing about himself.

October 5th
October 5, 2009, 8:23 pm
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       Now that the school year is underway I finally have time do write my daily blogs. We have spent a lot of time with assessment and getting routines established. Using Snapgrades is wonderful, but I had to get used to the amount of time it takes to set everything up!

       We started blogging today in computer lab. The students are using blogs instead of a reading response journal. I like this for two reasons. One, if the student is only writing to me the whole year, they only get my point of view. This way the students get to see what other students think. Lastly I love the fact that kids LIKE to blog. Even reluctant writers will blog because they think it is cool.

    We are also getting close to the end of our plant unit. Today I passed out the labs I have corrected over the past 5 weeks. We put them in our folder so we can use them for studying.

       We also looked into Michigan’s vegetation and found some interesting patterns. The largest orchards on in the Lower Peninsula on the western side of the state. That the state and national forests are all north of us, and the only commercial forestry is in the Upper Peninsula.

     We have been reading Mike Thaler and investigating how he uses punctuation and plays on words. He makes up words or changes one word to make things funny. We also looked into David Shannon today and noticed he uses a lot of one word sentences. We found some of these are really a sentence called a command and that others are not complete sentences. Our word sorts this week center around the short u and long u sounds.