What happened today?

February 18th
February 18, 2009, 9:16 pm
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We shared another snack today and we created another division story using cookies. Yesterday we had 12 cookies and today we had 24 cookies. We also learned about matter and energy. We did 2 experiments today…we had to play catch up. We learned that matter is anything that takes up space (has volume) and has mass. We learned that light and sound are not matter but they are energy and energy can make things do work. We then used slat to see the vibrations made by a pie plate. We learned that the harder we hit the pie pan the more energy we made. We continued looking at nonfiction text today. We found that sometimes nonfiction texts want to compare and contrast things and sometimes they are explaining a topic. We found another feature in our information test today! We discovered some authors use charts to show the reader data. We finished learning about the Underground Railroad in Michigan and learned that Detroit was a stop that even Frederick Douglass visited. We also found out that Detroit had the first African American church in Michigan and it was a “depot” on the Underground Railroad. Two notes went home today! One reminding students to bring a sack lunch tomorrow and a yellow note with information on the P.T.O. reading Fun Night that will be held the 27th of February!


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