What happened today?

February 10th
February 11, 2009, 9:06 pm
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Today was our science extravaganza day. We did science experiments all day to help us review for the test. We used a mound of dirt and experimented with water, wind and erosion that is created by a glacier. We made a sedimentary sandwich and each layer was a different layer of rock and we then folded the sandwich to make a “fault line”. We worked with moving plates using chocolate chip cookies, frosting and graham crackers. The graham crackers were the oceanic crust and the cookie was the continental crust. We showed the way plates move, how mountains and volcanoes form, and what makes an earthquake. We then made sedimentary rocks using Rice Krispie Treats, M&M’s and toffee chips. We then added heat and pressure and turned them into metamorphic rocks. We went over the rock cycle and what minerals and rocks are used for. We ended the day by observing our crystals.


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