What happened today?

January 15th
January 15, 2009, 10:43 pm
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We used the blocks today to build a design and figure out the value of our design using multiplication. Miss Alford had an “inspired idea” as Patricia Polacco would say! We recreated the rock cycle using marshmallows, chocolate chips, and caramels. First we squeezed them together to form a sedimentary rock, then we added more pressure and heat to make a metamorphic rock . To make the two types of igneous rocks we used a crock pot as our volcano and melted the 3 layers. We took some and cooled it right away in cold water and then we let the rest cool slowly. We went to computers and did more research on our Webkinz! We found out that the monkey isn’t a monkey at all…it is an orangutan! Harriet Tubman is finally free, but it was a scary journey! She just crossed the line and she wants to go back to free the other people in her family. We read a memoir by a different author today. We talked about our strategies we are using to write our own memoirs. Elana is using dates and time to keep her on track, Drew is using the web he always uses, Cole P. decided to use a historical event and how his family reacted to it, Anna is making a list of events, Noah is asking his parents to share stories with him and he and Taylor are trying to create snapshots of the people in their memoir. Larissa is really trying hard to add lots of details. Daddy Daughter Dance invitations went home today! It is February 7th!


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