What happened today?

January 14th
January 15, 2009, 10:31 pm
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We used a new set of blocks today that are different colors and lengths. Each length and color means a certain number and we will be using these for multiplication. Today the students were able to explore with the blocks and figure out the value of each block. We  made sugar crystals solution today and we set up our growing lab. We also looked at the three types of rock in science lab. We learned that sedimentary rocks can turn into metamorphic and igneous rocks. We learned that rocks have a cycle like many other things. We  learned that each type of rock is formed a different way. We wached 3 different short film strips about the rock cycle to see if we could understand what was happening…Miss Alford is trying to see if she can come up with something better since we are all a little “vexed” as Patricia Polacco would say! We read another chapter of Harriet Tubman, and boy are we scared! She ran away! She isn’t past the Mason-Dixon line, so she isn’t free yet! Jack is really worried she will have one of her sleeping spells and be caught….we will see! We read another memoir and we worked on ours.


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