What happened today?

January 6th
January 11, 2009, 1:25 am
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Welcome back! We had a very busy day! We started the day using Hershey Bars to make area models of multiplication problems. It was a yummy math activity. Students are starting to be interested in division as we delve deeper into multiplication. We also had rock samples and we put them into categories. This is a precursor for our lab we have tomorrow investigating the properties of rocks. We also reviewed maps and what features they have. We did so our holiday party today since the snow day took it away from them. We turned it into a science extravaganza! We made models of the Earth’s layers by making a yummy treat with different foods for each layer. We also had sediment cupcakes that had several types of cakes as layers. We added frosting and sprinkles to finish off the top layer of the crust and then we took a “soil sample” using a straw. We made crystals and painted with a crystal solution, and we made rocks out of clay. In our fake clay rocks we put a water balloon in the middle. We made a hypothesis on whether our ‘rocks’ will break open or stay the same if they spend the night in the freezer! Thanks to all the parents that sent in food! We ate to our heart’s content.


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