What happened today?

December 17th
December 18, 2008, 10:50 pm
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We worked on making rectangles again with interlocking cubes. This time we rolled dice and made our own rectangles. We found that some multiplication problems make squares, so we are trying to figure out why. We think it has something to do with multiplying the same number twice, but we want to try more to make sure! In science we looked at crystals and worked on sedimentation. We learned that pebbles settle very quickly and not far behind is sand. Soil took forever to settle and we think it is because of the organic matter in the soil. We looked at quartz crystals and salt crystals. We learned that crystals have certain shapes that repeat in a pattern. We get to grow some when we come back from vacation! We learned about what maps have in social studies. We learned that every map has a title, key, symbols, a scale, compass rose and labels. We made our own map of the classroom. We finished Sadako’s story and we looked up on the Internet a real picture of her and of the two statues there are of her. There is one in Seattle, Washington and one in Hiroshima, Japan. We took a test over the story. We walked through the test and talked about what type of question they were. We found some questions you can find the answer right in the book, but many we had to think beyond the text and make a reference. We read another memoir by Patricia Polacco called Uncle Vova’s Tree. It was a great story about family traditions at Christmas, and we talked about writing stories about our Christmas traditions in our families.


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