What happened today?

November 24th
November 24, 2008, 10:55 pm
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We made “Johnnycakes” today and homemade butter. We realized that Sarah Noble did not have it easy! Colonial times were a lot harder than it is now. We did finish the book today and we are glad she is now in her home with her entire family. We are also very happy she has learned that the Indians in the book are her friends. In science we acted out what a recycling plant does to sort trash and then we watched a Magic School Bus Video that explained what happens at a recycling plant, and WHY we should recycle. In computer lab many people posted comments to the two blogs. We are learning that blogs are a fun way to share our opinions! We have a new podcast available for viewing on SchoolTube! Drew and Meg worked hard and added lots of new things. We have decided we still need to work on getting those pictures to match our words! Love the music they picked this time! We are still looking at editing. We spent a lot of time talking about what editing is and how we are focusing on capital letters now! Some did have homework today which was the capitalization sheet. We did write in our NaNoWriMo books…only a few more days! There was a note that went home about boys basketball. I am out tomorrow, so I will write back on Wednesday!


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