What happened today?

November 26th
November 26, 2008, 6:15 pm
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I was out yesterday at a SMART Board conference. I am excited to start using the ideas I obtained from the training as soon as I can get the technology in my room! Today we worked on place value, played each other’s place value bingo games and we had a long music class to get us ready for the concert. Mrs. Janetsky sent home the lyrics for the students to practice. She told them they needed LOTS of practice! We also watched a movie on fossil fuels. which is on their next science test. The test will be the 16th of December. I will send a study guide home on Monday. We also chose new jobs for the month of December. Students decided to keep the same spelling words. They all think life has been crazy lately and said they needed more time. I agreed with them! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful I have all of you in my life! Your kids are awesome!!


November 24th
November 24, 2008, 10:55 pm
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We made “Johnnycakes” today and homemade butter. We realized that Sarah Noble did not have it easy! Colonial times were a lot harder than it is now. We did finish the book today and we are glad she is now in her home with her entire family. We are also very happy she has learned that the Indians in the book are her friends. In science we acted out what a recycling plant does to sort trash and then we watched a Magic School Bus Video that explained what happens at a recycling plant, and WHY we should recycle. In computer lab many people posted comments to the two blogs. We are learning that blogs are a fun way to share our opinions! We have a new podcast available for viewing on SchoolTube! Drew and Meg worked hard and added lots of new things. We have decided we still need to work on getting those pictures to match our words! Love the music they picked this time! We are still looking at editing. We spent a lot of time talking about what editing is and how we are focusing on capital letters now! Some did have homework today which was the capitalization sheet. We did write in our NaNoWriMo books…only a few more days! There was a note that went home about boys basketball. I am out tomorrow, so I will write back on Wednesday!

November 21st
November 21, 2008, 9:01 pm
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Today we made our own base 10 bingo games. We wrote clues that had to be in several different forms. Monday we will play our versions in class and we get to take it home to play. We went to art today and made snowflakes. We are getting ready for the art fair and concert on December 2nd. We were paid today. We had the lowest number of missing assignments this year, and we earned extra stars in art class so we did not have to pay rent because of our awesome behavior. We had shaving cream cursive and we cleaned our desks. We read one more chapter in The Courage of  Sarah noble.Emily came in today and we shared our NaNoWriMo stories. We have some great authors! Progress reports were sent home today! We ran out of time for our spelling test, so we will take it on Monday. Have a great weekend….Go BLUE!! Hey the basketball team won, maybe the football team can get a W too!

November 20th
November 20, 2008, 9:00 pm
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Today we played another version of Base 10 Bingo. Students had to use clues to figure out which number they could cover. We did not have a cursive paper today…we used Twizzlers instead! We read about acid rain in our science books and then we did this cool experiment to show how acid rain effects buildings and statues. Your child may bring home what is left of their statue. We looked up where the endangered species are in the world and created an ABC book of endangered species. Levi the Reading Dog was here today, so many students were able to read with him today. We read another chapter of The Courage of Sarah Noble. We only have 2 chapters left! Students have been completing a historical fiction journal as we have been  reading the book. We were able to play word games with Mrs. Swaisgood and write in our NaNoWriMo Journals as well.

November 19th
November 19, 2008, 9:21 pm
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We played “Place Value Bingo” today! This is a great way for students to see the different ways to represent a number. We are learning that their a 5 ways numbers can be written. The 5 are: place value form, base10 model form, standard form, word form, and expanded notation. This is a concept we will continue to work on! We learned about acid rain in science lab today. We tested several liquids with litmus paper to test for acidic conditions. We learned that acid rain can effect animals, plants and buildings. We also watched a movie called, Auntie Litter.  This movie had 3 parts that taught us about the difference between garbage and trash, what it means to reuse and recycle, what litter is and what is a landfill. Students did have to answer questions on all three parts. We also had music today and the students are working hard for their performance on December 2nd. We read another chapter of The Courage of Sarah Noble. We are now on chapter 9. We are still working on when we capitalize letters. We made a flip book with example of names, geographical names, titles, and beginning sentences. We also wrote in our NaNoWriMo books. Larissa’s parents wrote an awesome letter telling us how awesome she is, but…we already knew that!!

November 18th
November 18, 2008, 9:11 pm
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Today we played a game using negative numbers. This game allows children to see that there are other types of numbers and it helps students become fluent with a number line. We also worked on the many ways we can write a number. In science we read a book called Michael Recycle and we learned a song that helped us learn about why it is important to recycle paper. We also read a book about mealworms and we found out that they will turn into a dark beetle that feeds on grains. If students bring in a note they may take them home! Lucky you!!!  We continued to find the difference between Federal, state and local governments. We read another chapter of The Courage of Sarah Noble. We are on chapter 7. Many students feel a connection because she is only 8 years old. We created a Thanksgiving Snapshot class book. This was a great way to have students try to use all of their senses. We also continued to investigate why we capitalize certain words. Today we were on a scavenger hunt for geographical names. Some students did have to take the capitalization sheet home for homework!

November 17th
November 17, 2008, 9:03 pm
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The Alford’s Articles went home today along with some information about the upcoming concert and art fair. With your newsletter I sent a version of “Go Fish” with your child. I sent a version your child is currently working on. There was also a note sent home about wrestling.

We worked on how to write a number several different ways  and we will continue to investigate this tomorrow. In science we learned about plastic trash and how it kills a lot of marine life. We learned that there is a Federal government, state government and a local government today. In computer lab some of us learned how to post a blog. You may want to check out the reading response blog we have. You can get to this from my website by clicking on the tab that says “Reading Response.” We read another chapter in The Courage of Sarah Nobletoday, and many students were reading mysteries. We worked on our NaNoWriMo journals, played go fish with words and we learned about Larissa today, because she is our MVP this week!